Choosing a Toy


Five Big Things to Consider When Choosing Toys

  1. Focus on the features of the play a toy encourages, rather than on the features of the toy. Think about what the child can do, rather than what the toy can do.
  2. Let the child’s developmental level and interests guide your toy choices, not advertising or the popularity of the toy.
  3. Look for toys that let the child “tell the story”—toys that leave room for the child to use his imagination in how he plays with the toy.
  4. Offer an array of toys and activities that encourage your child to use and explore all developmental domains: physical; cognitive; sensory; speech and language; social and emotional.
  5. Remember that kids learn and have fun with all kinds of play materials—as long as they are safe, many everyday objects can become the toy of the moment.


Provided By Susan J. Oliver, Tropomedia